Freitag, 20.01.2017Boris BrejchaOne Million Celebration

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Datum:Freitag, 20.01.2017
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Boris Brejcha

The past years so many people are following me all around the world and I feel so blessed that I live a life I could never imagined. This year I reached over 1 Mio Fans on Facebook - which is something very special not only for underground artists.

"So there are many many reasons to give something back to my fans"

Therefore I will do a small party on the 20th January, not far from where I live - to be exact in Mannheim (south of Germany). The location is a very small venue called Zimmer. I´ve choosen this one as this so small that everyone is really close to each other and we can have kind of a private party together. - Boris Brejcha

The Venue "Das Zimmer Mannheim" only offers a limited capacity.
If you want to party with the entire crew - be early.

Boris is inviting 5 people from wherever you are in Europe. For more information for the "One Day with Boris" challenge please visit

Want to be on the Guestlist? Check Boris Facebook Page - He will give away 100 Free Tickets for the Party.


Das Zimmer Mannheim / Germany
Q5 Passage 68161, Mannheim
Doors 23H - End 5H