Freitag, 29.11.2013feelwith Matt John

Event Facts

Datum:Freitag, 29.11.2013
Eintritt:10,- € / 7,- € für Studenten
  • //Vodka Mate 6,50 €
  • //Feel Turnbeutel 5,- €
  • //Feel Early: Nur 5€ Eintritt bis 1 Uhr
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Matt John (
"Steffen Deux official"

“Music for me is spatial and temporal like a hologram. When I produce, I take pieces of different times. These different times are in the space, and are coming together on one level in the song. A holographic universe that you can capture in one moment. For example you can find fragments of over 20 tracks in my song Jokebox (Perlon). Holographic came to my mind when people asked me how I would describe my sound. I couldn't say it's minimal, techno or house. For me it's holographic music. My music."

- Matt John

"Feel Early" - Spare 5€ Eintritt bis 01:00 Uhr